We all love our feet, right? Well no….

Many people hate their feet and do nasty things to them with bad shoes and really bad behavior! This Valentine’s Day I want to remind all of you to love your feet as well as your sweetheart!

Lavish some love (and some lotion) on your feet. Dry winter conditions, and being cooped up in shoes all the time, make our skin dry, thickened and scaly. Using a cream with urea like Gormel cream or Kera 42 can be a very loving gesture to your feet! And your sweetheart will love your smoother feet more too!

Embrace your feet with love! Yes, I mean that you should wear more supportive, loving shoes! Get rid of those ratty old sneakers and buy some loving supportive running shoes! Throw out those painful high-heeled shoes and be kinder to your feet when shopping for dressy shoes! Replace your nasty socks with soft, nurturing moisture wicking socks! Your feet with thank you.

Customize your love! Take a look at your alignment. Perhaps embracing a new pair of custom functional orthotics will take your love to another level! Combine this with some rapturous stretching exercise to complete your balance therapy.

Need some more foot love or do not know where to start? Take your tootsies to the podiatrist for a check up! Stop abusing your feet and get back on the loving track! Your feet will thank you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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