Feet in Sand

With travel on the rise, it is easy to say we are all eager to either get our toes in the sand, hike to the top of a mountain, or even trek through an amusement park. With any vacation, the choice of shoes is always paramount to not having a trip ruined with constant pain with every step. Here are four recommendations for being prepared for a perfect vacation free of foot pain. 

  1. Wear your new shoes before your trip.
    • Vacation dreams often lead to wanting to buy new shoes for the experience, whether for comfort or style. A very common mistake is wearing these new shoes for the first time on vacation. Your feet begin to hurt, and you’re not near your suitcase to change into something more comfortable requiring you to suffer throughout the rest of your day. This can be very costly and can result in an injury that you will now have to suffer through the rest of your trip. To avoid this, wear your new shoes for a few hours around the house to essentially “test” that they will be adequate for your trip. This will also allow you to break them in ensuring that they will be ready for your vacation plans.
  2. Pack your tennis shoes – Always! 
    • Let’s say your new shoes still betrayed you and you now are in constant pain on your trip. The worst case is to not have a good pair of tennis shoes that you know give you the best support. Even a single day wearing something supportive could be the difference of resolving your foot pain or making your pain even worse. 
  3. Flip Flop Choices
    • Vacation and flip flops almost always go hand-in-hand. While they aren’t the most supportive shoes, they do have a place of convenience and comfort almost everyone enjoys. When choosing the right pair of flip flops for your trip, always be sure to find a pair that provide arch support and the appropriate straps that do not cause rubbing. The same rule applies to breaking in your flip flops at home.
  4. Recently Injured? Don’t forget to continue your treatment.
    • When injuries happen before a vacation time, it can make planning activities difficult. It also leads to people wanting to take a vacation from the care needed to improve their condition. If you are in a walking boot, it is important to remain compliant. More importantly, if you were recently in a walking boot and are going to be vastly increasing your activity, bring your boot with you. The loss of packing space in your suitcase will be greatly appreciated if your injury were to recur. Lastly, if you are currently undergoing stretching, strapping, or icing therapy, continue this on your trip. 

We all deserve a wonderful vacation free of foot pain and full of relaxation. If you have any questions regarding foot care or proper shoe selection, please contact us at Foot and Ankle Associates of North Texas today!

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