Many patients are concerned that they may need surgery to correct their foot and ankle problems. Despite their pain and discomfort, some patients are reluctant to seek treatment to avoid possible surgery. We are here to calm your surgery fears and alleviate you pain! Our doctors are extensively trained in the use of surgery to correct your foot and ankle woes, but we are also the most conservative surgeons in town! We offer non-surgical options and treatments prior to recommending surgery. Foot and ankle surgery should not be a scary experience! We are here to put you at ease. Below you will find some of the most common surgical procedures our physicians perform. 

Common Foot and Ankle Surgical Procedures

Bunion: Bunion surgery is a common surgical procedure performed by our physicians. These procedures involve an incision along the top of the big toe joint, and the removal and realignment of soft tissue and bone to restore normal joint alignment. There are many options for surgical procedures, and you doctor will determine which procedure is right for you!

Neuroma: Neuromas are an inflammation of the nerve, and they can be irritating and painful! Many people describe a neuroma as feeling like a pebble stuck in your shoe, along with numbness in the toes and ball of foot pain. Surgery should be considered when you have constant pain in every pair of shoes, and all conservative treatment has failed. Surgical intervention should not be considered unless you are in pain and limited in your activities. 

Ankle Stabilization: Have you been dealing with an unstable ankle? Ankle stabilization procedures are performed to tighten, repair, or replace the ligaments on the outside, or lateral aspect, of the ankle. The job of these ligaments is to keep the ankle from rolling, and there are different surgical procedures to help with this condition. You doctor will determine which procedure fits with your situation. 

Achilles Tendon: Whether you are a high-impact athlete or a Weekend Warrior, Achilles tendon ruptures can happen to anyone! Many people describe the feeling of an Achilles tendon rupture as the feeling of being hit in the back of the leg with a baseball bat. Unfortunately, this injury always requires surgery, and the sooner you seek treatment the better!

Ingrown Toenails: Most people have experienced the pain of an ingrown toenail at some point in their life. With an ingrown toenail, the nail curves into the skin, causing redness, irritation, pain, and possibly infection. Your podiatrist can perform a quick, in-office surgical procedure to remove the ingrown portion of the nail.