Christmas Socks by the Fire

With the holidays finally here, from last year to now, many of us are looking forward to making up for lost times. While I am also in that boat, dealing with an injury to your foot or ankle would ruin anyone’s exciting holiday plans. Here are some tips to keep your feet moving as much as you plan to!

  • Moisturize! With weather changing, dry and cracking skin can make for some misery. I recommend an unscented cream. Scented lotions or creams can occasionally cause skin irritation, and some contain certain chemicals that make those ingredients easier to absorb into the skin. Creams rather than lotions also tend to be a better moisture replacement during drier and colder weather. If lotion is still what you prefer, use it right after the shower and turn to creams when the skin is dry.
  • Choose the right shoes. With holiday parties and events, the right shoe can make the difference of no pain for all of that standing versus a possible injury to your heel or stress injuries. If high heels are what you prefer, aim to wear heels with a wide base such as a wedge. The skinnier the heel, the more pressure put on your feet. Another great tip is if the shoes you chose are some you’ve never worn before, break them in by wearing them around your home.
  • Aftercare for after the party. Recovery after wearing shoes and standing for long hours is important and can be the difference in an injury getting worse. A good pair of orthopedic slippers instead of barefoot is a great place to start. Warm foot soaks with Epsom salts at the end of a day is also a very good way to control swelling. 

We’ve all learned the value of spending time with friends and loved ones, so remember to have fun, wear supportive shoes, and have a very Happy Holidays from FAANT.

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