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Foot Pain and Deformities

Foot pain related to congenital and acquired foot and ankle deformities is extremely prevalent in our society. Pain can be from flat feet or a high arched foot and associated gait problems; or be from a progressive deformity like a bunion or a hammertoe. Our doctors are extensively trained to diagnose and treat the underlying deformity to help you function at your best. We want to prevent your problems from getting worse, no matter what you inherited from your family! God may have had a sense of humor when he created your feet, but we will work with you to optimize your biomechanical function and aesthetics! No one should suffer from ugly, painful feet!

Do your feet always hurt? Are shoes making it even more painful due to lumps and bumps you don't think should be there? We have answers for most of the congenital and acquired foot deformities that can occur. Often, early treatment of an underlying problem can avoid extensive surgery later in life. Click on your foot related problem below to find answers to find answers to fix your foot pain now! Still have questions or confused about your options? Contact us or make an appointment for an evaluation. No one should suffer from foot pain!