Maybe you do or don't know how you injured your foot or ankle. What you do know for sure is that you should be healed by now, but you're not. Now you're concerned that you need to see a doctor about it and worse, that the doctor might tell you you need surgery! 

Injuries that haven't healed with time and now face the possibility of surgery is a big concern of any patient.

I specialize in non-operative regenerative medicine and now can give you what your body needs to help heal, by using a great biologic called "Exosomes". I am pleased with what exosomes can do for my patients regardless of whether their injury is acute or chronic! 

Many times, the reason your body does not heal an injury is because there's not enough of what your cells need to heal it. Exosomes are essentially the messengers that carry proteins and make effective pathways for communication between cells to help facilitate healing.  By doing so, they jump start a whole new level of natural healing for injured tissues. The exosomes come from the tissue of the umbilical cord donated by consenting, post-partum mothers after full-term delivery of their healthy baby. What makes exosomes so special is that it is super concentrated in what makes our own older cells regenerate the younger cells needed to heal our bodies. This neutral biologic is also special in that it does not have the antigens that can cause tissue rejection, so rejection/allergy is rarely, if ever, seen. This product contains no stem cells.  Its magic comes from its ability to signal our own cells to create them to speed healing. Stem cells are concentrated in the growth factors and other nutrients to help activate and stimulate the cells in the damaged areas to regenerate and heal damaged tissues.  Exosomes also have anti-inflammatory effects on top of their healing properties!  At Foot and Ankle Associates of North Texas, we obtain our exosomes from the only exosome lab that has a master file with the FDA, with double the concentration of any other exosome products available, and is formulated at a 20 billion per milliliter solution. I perform this simple injection in the office and there is very little to no down time. By offering your body an opportunity to heal itself, exosomes can make all the difference for you too! 


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