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Foot and Body Myths - Busted! Part I

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I was inspired by a patient to start my blog this week with a series! I will call it “Foot and Body Myths - Busted” in honor of a show my kids love to watch! There are many different types of myths I hear when it comes to feet, and the body for that matter, that got me thinking “Ah, yes, I used to believe that before it got busted!” I wanted to share my insight on some of these myths!

  • Wounds need to “get air” to heal faster!
    • This old wive's tale seems embedded in our DNA! I hear this one from patients a lot. Despite being given clear instructions from the experts, many patients feel this innate urge to allow a wound to “get air” for it to heal quicker. Much of this has to do with the “not knowing” what is so wrong with it. I agree that a superficial scrape will scab in air and that may be just fine if the scab is dry and stable. A wound on the other hand, and your doctor will let you know when you are dealing with one, will heal best in a moist controlled environment.  A wound is a different beast when it comes to healing.  Doctors that know anything about wound care know this: we are made up mostly of water.  This includes the cells that form skin and heal a wound from the inside out.  If we dehydrate them by leaving the wound exposed, two things happen:
      1. We create a larger, deeper scar that may remain unsightly or even painful afterwards. 
      2. We expose the wound unnecessarily to bacteria in the environment that could infect the wound.
    • The best option is to follow your docs recommendations and stick to them!
  • I was told by so and so…
    • I had a patient this week tell me she wasn’t better than last visit and after reviewing the treatments recommended last visit, she finally came out with this information. She told me that she has a friend who told them a certain treatment wouldn’t work, so the patient stopped the treatment. It got me thinking that while people do want to get better, they just may not want to put in the effort of all it may need to take to get there. Who doesn’t like to cut corners? Just remember, that your friend is not you and their lifestyle, their job, their foot, their past, their weight and what brought on their injury could be very different from yours. You are one of a kind as is your injury. You may need a little something different or a higher maintenance treatment than your friend. Please listen to the experts who, as their profession, can customize treatment of your injury. You will get better quicker that way!
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