This is a library of every article written by a FAANT doctor or staff in the last few years. The collection is quite extensive and there are some overlapping articles, but basically this is everything you ever wanted to know about your feet and ankles! Throw in some running and triathlon advice mixed in with all about shoes and socks; and you have a FAANT lasagna of articles. Enjoy!

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  • Lacerations Can Be Nasty! Lacerations can be nasty! Here is how to decide whether to go straight to the Emergency Room or come in the office. There is no such thing as a "simple" cut!
  • Calcaneal Fractures aka A Broken Heel Bone Breaks or fractures of the heel bone can be incredibly painful and 99% of the time are due to a falling or high force trauma.
  • Getting Back to Normal After Ankle Sprains You’ve sprained your ankle and it hurts. You’ve put ice on it, you are using crutches, and wrapped it with an ace bandage and it still hurts! Now what?
  • How Long Will it Take to Heal Doc? Where to begin on this seemingly easy a question? There are so many factors to consider. This explains why you hear doctors say “on average” or “typically”.
  • Toe Fractures Treatment for a broken toe include protective shoe gear, splinting, and in some cases, surgery. Your doctor can discuss how bad your fracture is and whether surgery is needed for an optimal result.
  • Metatarsal Fractures Metatarsal fractures can be this obvious, or can be as subtle as pain in your forefoot or the ball of your foot that has been present for weeks.
  • Ankle Fractures A fracture/break in the ankle joint can range from a chip off the bone to a major dislocation. This commonly occurs with an injury where the ankle rolls.
  • Sesamoid Injuries Every patient who looks at foot x-rays for the first time asks what the sesamoids are. For the context of this discussion, the sesamoids are two small bones.
  • Stress Fractures Why does it always seem that when we finally get motivated enough to start exercising on regular basis, we develop some pain in your body that slows us down?
  • Are Your Feet Overstressed? A stress fracture is a tiny crack in the bone caused by overuse. Most stress fractures occur on your metatarsal bones, but they can occur in any part of the body.