“I think I broke my toe, but there’s no treatment for that so I don’t need to go to the doctor.” NO, NO, NO…One of the common misconceptions is that a broken toe should not be treated or has no treatment. This cannot be further from the truth. Ask anyone who has ended up with a deformed toe because they didn’t seek treatment after they thought they broke their toe. Even worse, is walking on a metatarsal fracture (long bones behind the toes in your foot) which can lead to long-term foot problems. If you think you broke your toe, make and appointment with FAANT to have it checked out!

Symptoms of a toe fracture is immediate bruising, redness and swelling coupled with pain. Deformity of the toe may also be noted. It is not true that, “If I can walk on it, it must not be broken.” When in doubt, follow the directions for acute inflammation and then call or contact the office for an appointment. Getting an x-ray is a minor inconvenience that may alleviate a life-long problem form a broken toe.

Treatment for a broken toe include protective shoe gear, splinting, and in some cases, surgery. Your doctor can discuss how bad your fracture is and whether surgery is needed for an optimal result.