The Achilles tendon is that cord that you feel down the back of your lower leg from your calf muscle down to your heel bone, and it is what makes your foot push off of the ground. Pain in this tendon is typically Achilles tendonitis. Nagging Achilles tendinitis can really disrupt your exercise routine, your work and your lifestyle!  When your pain becomes chronic, it is known as "Achilles tendinosis." If your pain has not gotten better and your doctor already told you that you need surgery, don't give up yet! There is an alternative to surgery for certain types of Achilles tendon conditions. 

As an expert in regenerative medicine, I can tell you that this form of therapy offers your body an opportunity to heal itself.  It really has revolutionized the way I think about both acute and chronic injuries.  In the world of regenerative medicine, there is still hope for people with Achilles tendinosis. I'm specifically speaking about a thicker “amniotic allograft” fluid called "Wharton's Jelly." Amniotic fluid, in its injected form, has been used for years to treat injuries, due to its antibacterial healing properties. Wharton’s Jelly is the thicker form of this FDA approved amniotic allograft, taken from the umbilical cord of consenting postpartum mothers. Because it is thicker than regular amniotic fluid, it is also more nutrient dense in everything your Achilles tendon needs to help the tendon heal without surgery. Wharton's Jelly has what are called "growth factors" and certain proteins that, when injected around and into the injured portions of the Achilles tendon, Wharton's Jelly recruits, signals and provides your own healing cells with all the needed components to step up healing to a whole new level!  If you are suffering from Achilles tendonitis, please do not hesitate a visit to get your healing started!

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