You have probably heard a blip or two on the news about vitamin D.
It turns out that vitamin D has quite the resume of benefits to keep you on the road to good health.

Your muscles and bones are important in maintaining your balance, posture and mobility. As we age, it is crucial to maintain strong muscles and bones to prevent falls especially to persons who are age 65 and over. Vitamin D can assist in maintaining your muscle and bone strength and has been shown to increase certain types of muscle fibers resulting in greater mobility and balance. Bones benefit as vitamin D helps the absorption of calcium.

In an article published by researchers from Loyola University Chicago Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing concluded that adequate intake of vitamin D may prevent or delay the onset of diabetes in addition to reducing complications of previously diagnosed with diabetes.

Millions of Americans with diabetes have low vitamin D levels. Evidence suggests that vitamin D plays an integral role in insulin sensitivity and secretion. Vitamin D deficiency results in part from poor nutrition, which is one of the most challenging issues for people with diabetes. Another culprit is reduced exposure to sunlight, which is common during cold weather months when days are shorter and more time is spent indoors.

Diet alone may not be sufficient to manage vitamin D levels. A combination of adequate dietary intake of vitamin D, exposure to sunlight, and treatment with vitamin D2 or D3 supplements  can decrease the risk of diabetes and related health concerns.

With no known side effects, vitamin D can be combined with most medications however, ensure you check with your physician prior to taking any supplements.