Bone marrow aspirate is a surgical procedure where your own bone marrow is siphoned through a large bore needle, spun down into stem cells and then injected into the plantar fascia.  There are 2 areas of concern here with the use of BMA for the treatment of chronic heel pain. 

  • This is invasive and often requires general anesthesia as the best place to harvest bone marrow is your pelvis.  If you are trying to avoid surgery, this is not your best option.
  • The stems cells generated by our own bodies are not extremely potent.  If they were, we would all heal like we did when we were infants and still growing.  Our stem cells can aid in fracture healing when used in the right manner, but do they have enough power to completely change the severe pain of plantar fasciitis.

If you have questions about BMA and your heel pain, call us today and make an appointment to see one of our experts in heel pain.