This is a library of every article written by a FAANT doctor or staff in the last few years. The collection is quite extensive and there are some overlapping articles, but basically this is everything you ever wanted to know about your feet and ankles! Throw in some running and triathlon advice mixed in with all about shoes and socks; and you have a FAANT lasagna of articles. Enjoy!

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  • Shin Splints Can be Anterior Tibial Tendonitis Shin splints are very common and are often actually anterior tibial tendonitis. This article discusses the diagnosis and treatment of this common injury.
  • 7 Steps to Keep Your New Years Resolution This is the time that many of us are thinking about New Year’s resolutions and are trying to motivate ourselves to change a bad habit or start a new one.
  • Lateral Ankle Pain is Most Commonly a Peroneal Tendon Injury Lateral ankle pain in the absence of trauma is usually a chronic peroneal tendon injury from repetitive stress. Proper diagnosis leads to comprehensive treatment options to get you back to your sport pain-free.
  • Do Compression Socks Make You Faster? Many runners and triathletes swear by wearing compression socks. Is there any scientific evidence that they really work? Or is this just more running lore?
  • Sarcopenia, the Progressive Loss of Muscle Mass Due to Aging, is Preventable and Reversible! Sarcopenia, the progressive loss of muscle mass due to aging, is preventable and reversible with simple life-style changes.
  • EPAT is a New Technology Available for Chronic Heel Pain Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology (EPAT) is a new technology for chronic heel spurs, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and plantar fasciosis.
  • Anterior Tibial Tendonitis: Front of My Ankle Pain Anterior Tibial tendonitis is pain along the front of the ankle that travels down towards the top of the arch is often attributed to inflammation of the the anterior tibial tendon.
  • Got Tendonitis? Tendonitis can be annoying and linger if not treated early. It can progress from a mere swelling to a full tear of the tendon which often requires surgery. Don’t let tendonitis keep you from doing what you want, come see us!
  • Achilles Tendonitis and Tendonosis Tendonitis results from overuse. Long-standing tendonitis becomes tendonosis (degeneration of the tendon) which is much harder to treat. With chronic, long term, sustained use, this tendon becomes strained. It also can become just as strained with whom we fondly refer to as the “weekend warriors”. Chronic Achilles tendonitis (tendonosis) results in degeneration and breakdown within the tendon and this, in turn, can lead to a partial tear or full rupture. Now that will put you out for more than a couple months! If you are experiencing a nagging pain or swelling to the Achilles tendon or the back of the heel, call or contact the office to have it evaluated. It is that simple.
  • Running Shoe Recommendation List Updated December 2016 Runing shoe recommendation list by category. Help us help you pick the best running shoes for you. Choose your category, then brand, then shoe. Ask your podiatrist which shoe is right for you!
  • Walking Program to Kick Start New Year's Resolution Many of our patients, much like their estimated 75 million overweight neighbors, are stuck in a never-ending, life-threatening cycle: Obesity aggravates the pain in their feet; sore feet make it almost impossible to exercise for weight loss.
  • Running Really Does Lengthen Your Life! A 20-year study has shown that running has profound health benefits, cutting the rate of early death by more than half.