So you are limping around the office and your co-workers tell you that you probably have tendonitis. What does that mean? Well, let's start with a small lesson in latin. The ending of the word, -itis, means inflammation. Combine that with tendon and you have inflammation of a tendon. (Now that goes for anything that ends with -itis, by the way.) This can happen with any tendon you have. We see this most commonly with the tendons that cross the ankle.

Inflammation of a tendon can happen out of the blue as with certain arthritis conditions like rheumatoid arthritis or other conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (yep, no kidding!). It can occur with overuse such as starting a new exercise program when you haven't exercised in years or pushing yourself on a new running course and not listening to your body. Let's also add trauma.  Any twisting, sprain or blunt force can and usually does cause inflammation of a tendon. Now, don't forget what you were born with...genetics. The foot type you inherited can cause biomechanical imbalances that lead to tendonitis.

Figured out which category you fall in yet? Some are easy, some are not and some are a combination. That's why we are here. With all tendonitis cases, rest is important. Continuing to use a strained tendon will not make it any better. But that doesn't mean you need to wear a cast for 6 weeks. Also, ice to reduce the swelling and taking an anti-inflammatory will help.  Applying compression and wearing better shoe gear also improves your symptoms. But there are times when more than just the products you find at Wal-mart are needed. Physical therapy is an important factor in getting your pain to resolve. And in some cases, custom orthotics are necessary to improve those imbalances. An MRI may be necessary to see if you have torn the tendon if your pain is severe or not improving with the basic therapy.

Tendonitis can be annoying and linger if not treated early. It can progress from a mere swelling to a full tear of the tendon which often requires surgery. Don't let tendonitis keep you from doing what you want, come see us!