The Debate Continues....On and On....

They are at it again. The debate that has been going on since the late 1970’s when custom orhtotics became the mainstay of treatment for plantar fasciitis. "Millions in Potential Health Care Savings: Prefab Orthotics Found More Effective" was a press release today from a company that...guess what?…makes an off-the-shelf arch support!

Now don’t get me wrong, I think there is a place for prefabricated arch supports in our treatment plans and not everyone needs a custom orthotic; but to say that prefab is BETTER than custom is ludicrous! Let's use common sense! They sited a poor study done in California on patients with plantar fasciitis and then backed it up with a totally flawed study from 1996! That’s all they have? What about the millions of patients that have been helped by custom orthotics across the country? Several thousands right here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area!

Just another ploy to get patients to potentially waste their money on off-the-shelf inserts prior to visiting their podiatrist! A copay is much cheaper and I am tired of seeing peolpe waste hundreds of dollars on things they find on-line. Then spend months in physical therapy or even need surgery to try to conquer their plantar fasciitis; when they could have gotten better much faster IF the first thing they did was call the podiatrist!

I’m done venting, but for more information on why custom orthotics work check out our patient information pages.

Run Happy! And don’t toss your custom orthotics!