You finally have time to see your podiatrist. You have questions. You need answers. We are here to help! We understand everyone has different needs and expectations. We do our best to provide that while we visit with you. Predictably those needs and expectations change with every visit.

The best way to help us with your concerns is to analyze the specifics of each concern before your visit with us. Here are some questions we will surely ask you. Answering these will greatly help with your diagnosis.

“Where does it hurt?”

  • Yes, though it is true that sometimes pain is everywhere, but pain does tend to originate from a certain area of the foot and spread. Find your most tender spot. Many times we cannot “make it hurt” on exam because your pain is what we call “functional”. This means it only happens when you are “functioning” whether this is walking, running or whatever. If you can’t find it by merely pressing on it, then do what it is that causes it with your shoes off so you can visualize its where-a-bouts.

“How long has it been hurting?”

  • We need a ball park figure.

“What causes the pain?”

  • We would like to know about what brings your pain on. Is it there with the first step in the morning? After or during activity? Was there a definite traumatic even that started it or maybe a pair of shoes?

“What makes it feel better? What have you tried treatment-wise?”

  • Many times I hear that nothing was tried only to discover on further discussion that sticking to a low heel or a different shoe helps. We want to know! Does getting off the affected area do the trick? Icing? Medication? You get the drift!

Just one more thing! Many patients have never seen a podiatrist before and when we see them for the first time they feel the need to address EVERTHING that has ever bothered them. Though they scheduled their appointment to discuss their heel pain, once the doctor enters, they produce a laundry list of other things they also would like us to talk about. If you have many issues you would like to discuss, please remember that although we would like to address everything bothering your feet and ankles, one problem may require more time than others. It makes a world of difference in the quality of care we can provide during your visit, that you let the person scheduling your appointment know the most pressing problems you would like us to address at your appointment so they can give you enough time on the schedule. Understand, not all problems may be addressed that first visit. And do understand that if some problems take precedent over others the day of your appointment and we do not have a chance to devote the proper amount of time to another, we will commit more time to it on your next appointment.

These tips will allow your podiatrist to give your feet the exceptional care they deserve!