Spring is here and for those who love lawn and gardening care, it’s time to cut the grass!

After tuning up the lawnmower and the edger off you go to play with the lawn. So what do feet have to do with cutting the grass? Actually, quite a bit if you wish to continue your drive for the greenest lawn on the block. Below are safety tips for your feet during the lawn and garden season.

If you store your lawn and garden shoes in a garage or pantry, check the inside of the shoes prior to placing them on your feet. Small rocks even bugs amongst other things may quietly reside in your shoes. In particular, those who have a loss of feeling in their feet should be diligent in checking the inside of their shoes. Remove the internal liner of each shoe and feel the insides of the shoe, you might be surprised what you find.

Always wear shoes or work boots when mowing. Far too many severe foot injuries occur from lawn mower blades in part to wearing inappropriate shoe gear. Never wear open toe shoes such as flip flops or even worse, walk barefoot pushing the mower across the grass.

Wear socks with your shoes. As the summer temperature heats up so will your feet. Wearing socks will reduce the chance of blistering while working outdoors. If you still tend to have blisters on your feet even with socks, have the fit of your shoes checked to make sure they are adequate. Use anti chafing products such as body glide or similar that can be applied to the feet prior to the days activities. Using such products will greatly reduce friction yet still allow skin to breathe unlike Vaseline or other pore clogging products.

Make sure the shoes you are wearing are not old tennis shoes from last year. Even your lawn and garden shoes should provide support and protection from challenges such as uneven ground, pesky insect bites and sharp blades. If your shoes are broken down, consider donating the shoes at your local shoe recycling programs then purchase appropriate fitting shoes dedicated to yard work.

Remove debris from the shoes such as mud by rinsing with cold water. Caked on mud can limit the flexibility of the shoes. Shoes should be completely dry prior to wearing for the next lawn encounter.

When you are finished with your lawn tasks, remove your shoes and socks and rinse off your feet. Eliminating debris accumulated from a days work in the yard will prevent you from dragging in pebbles, dirt and maybe even a few other little critters into your home and prevent your feet from further trauma.

Taking care of your feet is something you need to do each and every day no matter what the activity. Following smart, simple tips for your feet will allow you to enjoy the seasons activities.

Happy Gardening!