This is a library of every article written by a FAANT doctor or staff in the last few years. The collection is quite extensive and there are some overlapping articles, but basically this is everything you ever wanted to know about your feet and ankles! Throw in some running and triathlon advice mixed in with all about shoes and socks; and you have a FAANT lasagna of articles. Enjoy!

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  • Do Custom Orthotics Work? Custom orthotics have been the mainstay treatment for more than 50 years. There is evidence that confirms that orthotics work for foot and ankle problems.
  • Tarsal Coalition This condition occurs from an abnormal connection between two bones in the back of the foot known as tarsal bones. This connection can be made of fibrous tissue, cartilage or bone. Once this abnormal connection forms, it causes limited motion of the foot which leads to pain.
  • Gout Gout used to be known as the disease of kings. Too much red meat and red wine caused the kings of old to suffer from gout.
  • Ganglionic Cyst Where did that bump on your foot come from? If it is soft, or at one time was soft and is now getting harder, you are probably looking at a ganglion cyst. The word "ganglion" is taken from the Greek word "ganglia" to mean "knot of tissue". These "knots" are also known as "synovial cysts" and arise from a herniation of a joint lining or from the sleeve that wraps around some tendons. If they do not hurt, we treat them conservatively.
  • Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy This is an uncommon, chronic condition that affects an arm or leg with intense burning, aching pain and swelling. Changes in skin (texture and color) can occur.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis Rhuematoid Arthritis is a systemic inflammatory disease that causes pain, stiffness, swelling and loss of motion in the joints.
  • Osteoarthritis The term arthritis covers more than 100 diseases. Arthritis is a general term that means inflammation of the joints. Osteoarthritis is the most common form.
  • Living With Arthritis in Your Feet Many of you have heard the term or know someone diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) or Osteoarthritis (OA). Could you be suffering one of these forms of arthritis as well?
  • What is Psoriatic Arthritis? What is Psoriatic Arthritis? What causes it? What are the symptoms? How is it diagnosed? How is it treated? The answers to to these and more found in here.
  • Plantar Plate Injuries What in the heck is a plantar plate injury? I can tell you it is a commonly misdiagnosed condition in my profession and one that if it is not treated early can end up needing surgery.
  • Why is My Second Toe Curling? Most commonly, your second toe is curling because it is trying to stabilize your forefoot. A bunion deformity causes the weight to shift to the second MPJ.
  • Forefoot Pain Got You Down? Are you experiencing chronic pain in the ball of your foot? Have you noticed your second toe is curling more? You may be experiencing a plantar plate injury.

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