The snap, crackle, and pop that many of us hear when we get up from a sedentary position is actually gases in your synovial fluid (the liquid that lubricated your joints). When small forces are applied to the joint, one factor that limits the motion is the volume of the joint. That volume is set by the amount of synovial fluid contained in the joint. The synovial fluid cannot expand unless the pressure inside the capsule drops to a point at which the dissolved gases can escape the solution; when the gases come out of solution, they increase the volume and hence the mobility of the joint. The gases make the crackling sound. Tendons can also make a snapping sound when a joint is stressed. 

Bottom line: the snap, crackle and pop is normal and some people's joints can be very noisy, but if they are not painful there is nothing to worry about!

If you have pain, then its time to come in for a visit to figure out why.