Getting the right shoe right the first time can seem like an impossible feat for your feet! There are so very many to choose from! So what do most of us do? We go for color and style and then hope that one of those in your “fashionable” category feels good! What is wrong with this picture?? 

It is unfortunate that we live with our feet, yet seem so know so little about what they need! Feet are not cookie-cutter same. Just because your runner friend told you to “buy so and so shoe” or because a shoe is on sale, does not mean that shoe is right for your foot.

There is a reason why shoe manufacturers make so many types of athletic shoes. They understand different feet have different needs.

So where to start? Here is a general guide line:

  • High arches? Light weight? Go with a Neutral shoe
  • Medium arch? Average weight? Go with a Stability shoes
  • Little to no arch? Overweight? Go with Motion Control shoes

The tricky part is that your feet may not have the characteristics you think they have. Most people do not know exactly where they fall in any category nor do they know what is the best shoe for their chosen activity or lifestyle.  It gets trickier when you fall in between categories. 

This is where a podiatrist comes in. We can show you what shoe is best for you now. No one knows the relationship between feet and their body, life style and activity like a podiatrist does. Foot and Ankle Associates of North Texas has experts in biomechanics to guide you to the right shoe the first time! Request an appointment here!

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