Whether we like it or not, we are stepping into a new decade!  How many decades have you and your feet shared? How well have you treated them?  As we take these steps into the new, I would like to propose a few resolutions that you just may want to follow to help keep those feet going!

  • Take a look at all of your shoes!  How many of them are so old or so worn out that they are begging for a hasty retirement? Unlike the favorite clothing you dry clean to keep in good shape, all shoes get worn out - no matter how much you care for them. Slapping on a new sole at the cobbler does not address the fatigue of the shoe itself!  Donate the ones begging for mercy and make a resolution to find some new pairs!  We do not want to put our feet through the stresses and strains of compensating for poor shoe gear when they are already stressing and straining to keep us moving!
  • Give them a break! Oh, if our feet could talk! How often would they tell you not to choose the shoes that you're putting them into?  All too often we chose fashion over function and our feet pay the price! So, give them a break!  Think twice about what you wear when you have the opportunity! Wear a good supportive athletic shoe with a good arch support when you can! No need to run errands in fancy footwear! 
  • Look at those feet! We see our doctors and dentists for prevention. Our feet deserve the same sort of attention! How about a visit to a podiatrist? You'd be surprised that many back, hip and knee issue can stem from a foot alignment issue!  
  • Stretch. We stretch after a good workout but neglect our feet! Our feet work out too, all day, every day! Many foot injuries happen because of tightness and instability! Nothing like a good stretch of your Achilles tendons and occasionally rolling your arch on a frozen water bottle to help keep you limber!  Throw in a quick massage to stretch some of the deeper layers and watch your feet give you that extra mile!

Take care of your feet in the new decade! Visit Foot and Ankle Associates of North Texas so we can keep your feet feeling great in 2020!

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