Contrary to popular opinion, custom foot orthotics do not last forever! It is amazing to how many runners come into FAANT with an injury and take orthotics out of their shoes that were made when I was in high school! If your orthotics are more than 5 years old, they probably need to be replaced. They may need to be replaced even sooner, depending on your activity level! Feet change and the devices start to wear out with use.

If you can't remember how old your orthotics are, here are some tips on how to determine if it is time to replace them:

  • Your feet hurt! That pain you once had reduced or cured with the orthotics has made a comeback. I can’t think of a better reason to get your feet and orthotics checked.
  • Your orthotics are held together with duct tape, gorilla glue and cardboard. Those home modifications just don’t do the trick!‚Äč
  • If your orthotics wobble, you may fall down. Motion in the orthotics that wasn't there before can lead to foot pain, instability, and injuries.
  • The top cover looks thinner than you remember or has completely fallen off. With time all materials will flatten and wear, if your top cover is paper thin, looks like a piece of foam Swiss cheese, or has been missing for months, it is time to get it replaced.
  • Cracks do not give character. Cracks in the shell of the orthotics can occur with prolonged use, glue and duct tape are not the answers!
  • Added modifications are lost, loose, or not providing the control or pressure relief they used to. Just like top covers, modifications can flatten with time, and they can become loose and get lost.

These are just a few subtle reminders of when you need to have your orthotics replaced. Obviously other problems can occur. While most devices last for several years, most insurance companies will replace a device yearly if problems with device are noted, so click here to request an appointment to stop by for an evaluation.

Just like eye glasses, your orthotics should be evaluated at least once a year by your podiatrist!

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