In one study quoted all over the internet, it was found that long-distance runners were faster if they used forefoot or midfoot strike patterns. People were encouraged to speed up their running by changing the pattern of running. Newer studies have made these findings less clear.

According to Joseph Hamill, PhD, a professor of kinesiology at the University of Massachusetts at Amherts, which found some mild differences to the running patterns. They even found that midfoot running took slightly more energy than rearfoot running. But even more importantly was the findings that midfoot or forefoot runners should not change their running patterns to rearfoot running, as it would not be as efficient. It was recommended instead that you continue the natural pattern. Let me explain:

  • If you are a rearfoot runner, or a midfoot or forefoot runner, you will get more benefit from adjusting your running efficiency by correction of your stride length and arm motion.
  • Correct shoegear to allow highest quality of running pattern will also increase efficiency.
  • I would agree with the findings of the study that it is "better to just do what's normal for you."

Run smart and run fast. Just remember that you can do it the way your foot functions without learning a new way to run.