Are you getting leg pain when you run or work out? A common condition known as “shin splints” can cause lower leg pain with exertion. The most common area to experience pain from shin splints are the medial or anterior shin. The most common symptom of shin splints is a dull pain in the front or inside of the leg. This pain can worsen with physical activity and may also cause swelling and numbness.

Multiple factors can cause this condition:

  • Flatfoot deformity or over pronation
  •  Muscle weakness
  • Tightness or lack of flexibility
  • Inadequate shoes
  • Running on an incline or cambered road
  • Overuse of musculature

Treatment options for shin splint usually include a combination of these options:

  • Orthotics
  • Proper running or work out shoes
  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Physical therapy or strengthening of the muscles
  • NSAID’s
  • Compression sleeves or socks
  • Adjusting work out to be less stressful on the area (swimming)
  • Stretching  

Some common conditions that shin splints can be mistaken for are stress fractures of the lower leg and stress induced compartment syndrome.

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