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How did Rua break his heel bone and how quickly can the heel heal?

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No Hurrah for Rua!!

So the Rangers now have to contend with left fielder Ryan Rua out for the month with a fractured heel on top of their “fractured” start of the season.

Landing the primary left fielder position fresh out of spring training, it did not take long before he was benched with this injury. How does chasing down a fly ball, so repetitive in his world, put this healthy, young 25 year old in a fracture boot for the next 3 weeks?

In this case, Rua sprained his ankle in the process. Which came first, the break or the sprain? The chicken or the egg?

When you run, you are pounding three to four times your body weight into those feet. Those 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 tendon, muscles and ligaments are all having to work together seamlessly to get your body where it needs to go. We count on that anyway. In Rua’s case, his ankle and foot did not go in the same direction. Not only did he end up tearing the ligaments that connect the ankle to the foot, in doing so he could have very well broken the heel bone. With the sprain, the heel bone hit the ground in a position it should never have been in.

Another possibility is that the repetitive running Rua did during spring training strained the heel bone to the point where he had already compromised the integrity of the heel bone by the time he started the season. That extra effort in his last game pounded the heel to where the stress point finally formed a chasm through the rest of the bone. This is called a “stress” fracture. The pain he felt at that moment may have caused a sudden shift in his weight and this destabilized his ankle, causing the sprain. 

Fortunately, from the sound of it, needing to wear a boot for only an anticipated 3 weeks tells me the heel bone was not severely fractured (only “stress” fractured) and sprain was not severe enough to warrant surgery. He should be able to heal his heel and ankle with no surprises!

Unfortunately, in this one game of baseball, only two strikes, you’re OUT. And so it goes for Rua!

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