Oh my aching toenails! Is this you? Are your toenail painful all the time? Or are they just painful in your shoes? Maybe just in certain types of shoes? Painful toenails can be caused by a myriad of different reasons, but here are the Top 5.

  1. Ingrown toenails
  2. Infected toenails
  3. Thick toenails from chronic trauma (onychochauxis)
  4. Blood underneath your toenail (subungual hematoma)
  5. Or the most common: Fungal infection (onychomycosis)

If your toenails are painful, take a closer look. Are they red? Thick? Pinching your skin? Do they have fluid under them or draining from a corner? Are they yellow, thickened and chalky? If you have any changes to your toenail, you need a podiatrist to help sort it out!

Do you have normal looking toenails, but still painful? It is usually the shoes! Most often your shoes are too tight and usually too narrow!

Painful toenails can give you a really bad day! Call us or request an appointment and let us take a look!

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yellow toenail treatment 05/19/2011 07:49 PM
Prevent this painful toenails by maintaining good foot hygiene. Make sure that your feet are thoroughly dry before putting on your shoes, and never borrow other people's socks or shoes. Regularly change your socks and wash them as often.
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