Your feet called, they wanted me to send a message to you as we kick off this holiday season. Here is the wish list your feet would like:
  1. Please wash both us daily and use soap not just water. Standing in the soapy water does not count - wash us!
  2. Change our socks daily. We sweat and have bacteria….so don’t hurt the socks feelings and reuse them without letting them be cleaned first.
  3. Allow our shoes time to dry out and alternate pairs daily.
  4. Realize our shape changes like your waist line. Measure us regularly! 
  5. Some of you like to paint our nails. Remember, this is really how we breathe so get a pedicure and go polish free two weeks then paint for two weeks.
  6. We hope that dancing in high heels was fun for you…we did not appreciate being stuffed into those high heels. 
  7. We know boots are cute at the office. Now that we are on fire for eight plus hours remember to let us cool off. Consider boots to and from work instead.
  8. We are not considered amphibians thus we should not have scales. Please use lotion daily to keep us nice and soft!
  9. We could not agree with you more on exercising. The lighter you are, the better we feel! Please exercise, we don’t like being sick and that extra serving of stuffing at the dinner makes our day very tough lugging the rest of you around all day.  
  10. Please take us to the Podiatrist once a year and listen to them. We need TLC as well as the rest of the body we are attached to. We love our foot and ankle specialists! Request an appointment here!
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