Your doctor has diagnosed you with a fracture or has done surgery on your foot or ankle. They have placed you in a below knee walking boot. Bummer! You are thinking this is the worst thing that could happen, but wait…..even a small difference in leg length caused by wearing a waling cast or surgical shoe can be a major pain…in you back, hip and even the opposite limb.

If you are anything like my patients, you will then try every shoe in your closet to try to even your leg length with minimal success. Help is on the way! At both of our locations in Grapevine or Keller, we have an ingenious device available called an “Evenup.”  This device is a simple way to help patients suffering from hip and back pain while recovering from an injury or surgery in a below knee walking boot cast or surgical shoe. The Evenup attaches to the shoe on your unaffected foot, so now your legs will be even!