The elliptical has become an extremely popular piece of exercise equipment today. I mean there aren’t very many cardio machines that allow us to read a book or catch up on your favorite TV shows. The elliptical is a great low impact exercise for those of us with chronic back, hip, knee and ankle problems.  

While the elliptical is a great way to get our cardio in, it can lead to discomfort for some users. Many people report feelings of burning, numbness or their feet falling asleep with prolonged use. This is due to the constant position on the balls of the feet throughout the exercise. This constant pressure on the nerves with no relief can cause that “strange” feeling. In addition the constant pressure can reduce the blood flow to the pads of our feet and exacerbate the condition. 

In order to prevent this from happening try to apply more body weight on your heels, and even mix up your workout by reversing the motion of your legs like you are back pedaling. This will place more pressure on your heels and should help reduce symptoms. 

If problems persist try another form of low impact exercise like swimming or biking. If pain continues even with a change your regimen or continues after your exercise is complete, you may have a more serious condition that requires treatment like a neuroma or metatarsalgia. Request an appointment to come see us at FAANT so we can get you on the road to recovery.


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