Sport-specific shoes affect the way you play. Come into our Healthy Steps store to have your feet professionally measured and shoes fitted. If you play a sport more than twice per week it is best to wear a sports specific shoe. Check out these pointers to find the perfect shoes for soccer. Common soccer injuries include ankle sprains, turf toe, ingrown toenails and calcaneal apophysitis.

The appropriate footwear for soccer should:

  • Have a good-quality foot bed, which can help provide proper support for the arch and athlete's foot type.
  • Leather is most often the way to go. Leather fits snug to the foot and breathes well, which decreases blisters and sliding injuries in the shoe.
  • For wet surfaces think synthetic materials.
  • Feature the stud type for the ground that will be played on most often: soft, hard, firm, or turf. Longer cleats are best for wet surfaces.
  • Use molded rubber cleats rather than the screw-on variety.
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