This weekend, golf’s best tried to tackle the golf course at Chambers Bay. It was as usual an incredible test for their golf game but also one of the hardest walks for the golfers they have ever endured. Walking a tremendous distance along with the rugged terrain of Chambers Bay makes this a tough task for the feet. One thing that could help these golfers and any individual having foot pain is simply having the right shoes and inserts in the shoes. Whether you pronate or supinate, the type of shoes you wear can directly affect the health of your feet. Along with the correct shoes, the correct inserts to decrease this pronation or supination can help avoid foot pain. Don’t let a walk like Chambers Bay cause you foot pain. At Foot and Ankle Associates of North Texas we can give you a foot and gait evaluation to get you in the appropriate type of shoes and inserts so you could walk Chambers Bay with no problem. We can also make custom orthotics made specifically to your foot to alleviate any issues.


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