Neuromas can be very irritating and painful. A neuroma can prevent you from wanting to walk around and be active, and with summer around the corner who wants that?

Most of the time a neuroma will cause you to feel like you are walking on a pebble. It may cause shooting pain and tingling to the ball of your foot as well as to your toes, you may even experience numbness in your toes. Others might complain that it feels like they are walking on a rolled up sock in their shoes. All of these symptoms can be signs that you are suffering from a neuroma....
So what can we do to get rid of a neuroma?

There are many treatment options for neuromas:

  • Because neuromas are an inflammation and irritation of a nerve commonly from the bones in your feet, an injection into the area of the nerve can be helpful. It will calm down the inflammation and allow the nerve to become less irritated = less pain.
  • Accomodative Paddingis another great option, by taking the pressure off the bones that are causing the nerve to become irritated, the nerve is able to relax and heal.
  • Custom Orthotics are another great treatment option. Nobody has a perfect foot and most people really will beefit from a custom device. An orthotic made specifically for your foot will allow a doctor to offload any areas in your foot that may be taking to much pressure.
  • Surgery is always an option once all conservative measures have been exhausted. Most of the time we are able to give patients a lot of relief from the other options listed above.