Did you know the use of pads, inserts and other foot appliances are a great way to treat many foot problems? With a bit of research and help from the FAANT team, you just might find the right device to aid in resolving your foot issue.

Minor foot problems such as corns, calluses, blisters or other rubbing problems of the foot can easily be treated by an array of products available to you. The trick is to know what product to use and when to use it.

First, ensure you know exactly what the issue is with your foot. Visit with a FAANT podiatrist and bring a sampling of your existing shoes. Be prepared to discuss exactly what is happening, the area affected and when or how often the issue is occurring. The doctor can determine if your existing shoes are appropiate for your foot type and not a contributor to the issue along with recommending over the counter treatment options. 

With minor foot issues, there are pads for relief of pressure sores from bunions or hammertoes, or for relief of a heel rubbing against the inside of the heel counter of your shoes. The item may be made of felt with an adhesive backing, but are also available in newer materials such as silicone or a soft, gel type material called viscoelastic polymer.

Some of the over the counter options available are:

  • Precut simple foam pads can help relieve certain forms of heel pain.
  • A rubber waffle pattern heel cup can help absorb the shock of heel strike.
  • Toe spaces, used to reduce symptoms caused by one toe touching another, such as soft corns: or to help maintain a corrected bunion.
  • Cushions can be used to relieve symptoms of a hammer toe or corns.
  • Toe caps are used to protect the toes from trauma or aid in the reduction of rubbing or blistering.
  • Forefoot pads to aid in the reduction of forefoot pain.
  • Orthotics or inserts to correct biomechanical issues – note, you should always see a professional to ensure you receive the appropiate amount of correction based on your foot type.

As you can see, there are many items to assist you in resolving your foot issue. At Healthy Steps, we provide many options for you to choose. Stop in and meet with our staff to help you step in the right direction!