I spent the summer hiking with family (yes that is my muddy foot!) and gave gratitude for the things I packed to keep my feet happy trudging through the mud, rocks and streams. I thought I would share some packing list essentials worth making room for in your suitcase!

  1. A good pair of hiking shoes are essential! Don't just settle for a pair of athletic shoes. And definitely no flip flops on hiking trails! Watching people struggle on muddy trails was sometimes funny (what were they thinking?!) but mostly cringe-worthy! Look for stiff-bottomed and preferably waterproof hiking shoes. Wet or muddy feet set you up for blisters which do not make for fun hiking when to have miles to go. If you have unstable or arthritic ankles, pick a hiking boot that ride a little higher than the ankle.
  2. Wear proper socks. Hiking socks are the best option because they are extra-padded in pressure points, and they are also sweat-wicking. Honestly any good sweat wicking sport sock with the reinforced toe and heel it's better than a plain cotton one. 
  3. Bring Body Glide! This is a popular item at our Healthy Steps store and it is great to preventing chafing and blistering. You can use it on the lumps and bumps on your toes and feet that tend to get irritated when wearing an enclosed shoe.
  4. If your trails are flat and well paved, you may not need this, but if you enjoy more challenging hikes, bring a walking stick! A walking stick can help keep you from wiping out!  I can't tell you how many times it saved me from a slippery rock disaster!
  5. A first aid kit needs no explanation!

Happy Hiking y'all!

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