Every parent that has a painful flat foot is afraid that their child might inherit their foot type. It is normal for a child's foot to appear flat up to about the age of 2 due to a thick layer of baby fat that fills the arch area. As long as the child is otherwise healthy, and the foot is flexible and free of pain, then no treatment is necessary even if you think it may look "too flat" to be normal. Many times they actually inherited your spouses or grandparent's feet and got lucky!

If you are worried that your child has an inherited flat foot or is complaining  of foot and leg pain; time to visit the podiatrists at FAANT for an opinion. Contrary to popular belief, foot and leg pain in children is never normal; and most kids will not grow out of flat feet! There are simple changes in shoe gear and inserts as well as physcial therapy that may help your child run, jump and play with their friends without pain!