With winter just around the corner, lets take a minute and review running in the cold weather. 

Start with Socks

Even in the cold temperatures, your feet still sweat! It is important to have moisture wicking socks. Avoid wearing cotton. While cotton is a wonderful natural fabric, it lacks in the ability to wick moisture from your feet. Remember, wet feet equal cold feet so thermoregulation is key. One pair of socks is sufficient. There is no need to wear double or triple layers of socks. If you prefer a thicker sock in the colder months, just make sure the socks wick moisture.  

The Shoes

Living in snowy, icy areas? Consider a trail shoe over your usual running shoes. Trail shoes have deeper lugs on the bottom of the shoe and can help with traction. No shoe is slip proof, so be careful when running on snow as ice may be lying underneath the bed of snow. Many trail shoes are waterproof or water-resistant. This option may be helpful in keeping your feet dry and allow more warmth to your feet. However, if you are running and notice you cannot feel your toes or have pain from the cold stop running at once and get indoors as this could be warning signs of frostbite.  

When lacing your shoes, do not lace them too tight. Compressing your feet into shoes can cause decreased circulation and pain. On the same thought, ensure you are fitted with your winter shoes with the socks you intend to use for running. The shoes may need to be increased in length as well as width to allow for a proper fit. Visit Healthy Steps or your local running store for the latest options in cold weather running.  

For many, the colder months allow for cross training activities. Cross training is a great way to keep your cardiovascular health and also allow your legs and feet to take a break from the repetition of running. When you cross train, you reduce your exposure to running injuries. Check out your local health club or YMCA for alternative cross training activities!  

And The Run

Even though the temps are down, hydration is still important. Carry water with you and drink accordingly. Being cold and dehydrated is a dangerous mix! 

Remember to warm up slowly when running in the cold. A brisk five to ten minute walk prior to running will help with circulation and allow the body to prepare for the run. Once you are warmed up, head out and have a great run in your winter wonderland!

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skin problems and solutions 11/16/2012 04:21 AM
Winters can be harsh on your body, leading to dry, dull and itchy skin. So, swap out your heavy duty summer cleanser for a gentler option during the colder months.
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buy hcg online 11/21/2012 06:21 AM
Running is really very good for health specially if it is in winter. Winter is the best season to make your body healthy for whole year. I agree with advices in the post given here specially with keeping the liquied with. These tips will make your running activity great to enjoy. Thanks for sharing this nice tips.
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Treadmill Calgary 12/06/2012 06:34 AM
Everyone should run for better health specially in winter. Running will make your body fit and helpful to keep you healthy. Running will be benefitial only if you run with proper manner. The tips given here are really very useful and will make your running truly benefitial. Thank you very much for sharing this nice post here with us.
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Shawn Williams 09/05/2013 05:10 AM
Great tips to follow especially if you are an avid runner. When the environment changes, so should your attire. It is a similar mindset to wear a coat during winter and just a cotton tee during summer. Some of us can sometimes be ignorant or couldn't care less about taking the correct procedures and wearing the proper attire because we usually perform running exercises for a short period of time only daily. However, these factors that we often consider as minor, can accumulate and cause us great injury in the long run. Some extreme cases might even require surgery in order for the runner to be up and running again. That is the one thing we all wish to avoid.
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Abby 09/05/2013 12:25 PM
I don't even want to think about cold weather yet, but some great advice here! I remember running once last winter when I was dehydrated (it was around 35 degrees). It was not a good experience - believe me, it's the last time it will happen. I'd recommend a Cross-fit program during the winter to minimize running outside.
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