Several conditions can cause pain in the big toe and around the joint. One of the most common causes is called hallux limitus. With hallux limitus the big toe joint does not move as well as it should. Due to the lack of motion in the joint, it can lead to arthritis and bone spurring. When the joint doesn’t move as much as it should, it can develop inflammation and pain in and around the joint. Remember the last motion we do with our foot when walking is pushing off that big toe to propel us. Signs of symptoms can be pain when walking or with activity, pain with motion of the joint, swelling and redness around the joint, pain and pain from rubbing in a shoe.


Conservative Treatment:

Surgical Treatment:

  • Cheilectomy (reshaping the joint and resecting all bone spurs)
  • Osteotomy  (depresses the joint and straightens the joint)
  • Joint implants
  • Joint fusion

Surgical treatment should be considered only after conservative treatments have failed. If you are concerned about your painful big toe, request an appointment today!

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