Trauma to the foot and ankle is a common incident and can happen anytime and anywhere. From going up and down stairs to walking off a curb to high energy injuries during sporting events. A few of the most common traumatic injuries that can occur are:

These injuries can be very painful and limiting. If gone untreated, these injuries can cause long term pain in the foot and ankle. In many instances patients will go to the emergency room to evaluate the extent of the injury. After the ER visit you might leave with a brace, possibly some medication, and a referral to a specialist to take over your care. Many patients bypass the ER visit and make an appointment directly with the specialist. Depending on the severity of the injury, treatment can range from:

  • Rest 
  • Ice
  • Immobilization in a cast or walking boot 
  • Physical therapy
  • Ankle bracing 
  • Surgery  

Due to the severity or mechanism of the injury, additional tests may be needed to appropriately evaluate the injury including MRI, CT, or ultrasound. Podiatrists are specialists who focus solely on the treatment of the foot and ankle and can quickly determine the extent of your injury and begin treatment right away to get you pain free as soon as possible. Don’t let an injury cause lingering pain down the road! Save your ER deductible or copay for another day! We have same day appointments at FAANT and can help you get back up on your feet!


Dr. Nathan Stickney has extensive experience in treatment and surgery of foot and ankle trauma including a three year residency at a level one trauma center! If you had a traumatic foot or ankle injury, he is here to help!

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