Do you have pain in the top of your foot when you are wearing shoes? Top of foot pain can mean irritation in the nerve on the top of your instep. This irritation of the nerve is called neuropraxia and comes from excessive friction of the shoe against the nerve itself. People often have a natural skeletal predisposition to this if they have a bump on the top of their foot or higher arch. The symptoms can be numb, tingling or burning pain in the foot. 

The easiest way to resolve this problem is to get pressure off the nerve. This can be simply done by loosening the shoe laces or buckles on the top of the shoe. Wearing the correct shoe size can definitley help, as a tight fitting shoe will only add to the problem. 

Seeing your podiatrist can help as a pair of orthotics that stop excessive motion can certainly help take pressure off the nerve. In some cases an injection can be given to calm down the irritation at the level of the nerve. Come see us today if you are having these symptoms!

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