The weather has finally changed and it is that time of year to get back into your running routine. Now, I know we all just want to throw on our old shoes and take off, but there are some very important points to remember to prevent injury. First and foremost is making sure you have appropriate shoes and inserts to start on a running routine. Certain foot types do better in different shoe types, so it is important to be evaluated for the right shoe type for your foot. Inserts are also very important for the majority of runners, especially if they pronate or supinate (and most of us do). These simple tasks can help prevent stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, and other common running injuries.


Stretching is also very important when returning to top running form. Making sure your muscles and tendons get the appropriate stretch can save many runners a lot of injuries. If you have taken some time off over the winter it is also good to slowly get back into the mileage you previously ran. Pushing too hard, too early is a prime example of how stress fractures can occur. So come in and see us at Foot and Ankle Associates of North Texas so we can give you a good recommendation on everything running - including shoes and insert types so you can beat that personal best! 

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