"I am starting to get my grandmother's feet!" I hear this a lot from my patients with bunions! And they are right on the money when it comes to this!

Bunions are these small to massive bumps on the inside of your foot where the big toe attaches to the rest of the foot. Small or large, if you have a bunion, you will notice your big toe is pointing towards the toe next to it. Over the years you may notice that you are having some soreness to the bump usually accompanied by some localized redness. Your soreness may start off as just on the occasion you decide to wear a shoe that is a little too snug. The discomfort resolves when you wear a better shoe. Many times the soreness does not progress beyond that. There is an unfortunate group of people, however, who are not so lucky.  For these folks, as the years wear on, they may find that they get the same pain more often. It is now coming on not just with ill-fitting shoes, but with most shoes and during most activity, including walking! Then, of course there is every thing in between; pain only with exercise or only gardening or yada, yada, yada!

Where ever your pain is at this point, it should not be ignored. You just may end up as yet the most unfortunate group of patients, (oh yes, there is more!), who come in when it is too late to just "fix the bunion". You see, when a joint does not line up correctly (and having a bunion means your joint does not line up correctly), you develop arthritis. When the arthritis is bad, there is no way to save the joint. This means you may actually end up needing to have the joint replaced! Not a good situation. 

Should you notice your bunion misbehaving, make it a point that day to request an appointment with us. Remember, your feet are your only set of tires!

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