Our feet work hard all day, just like we do! They get crammed into tight shoes, walk on hard surfaces, pound in heels and run on unstable ground. Issues like plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, arch pain, and foot cramps often result from the stress on our feet. Simple stretching and strengthening exercises can stimulate blood flow, build strength for stability, and relieve tightness in the feet. Here are some easy exercises you can do wherever and whenever you’re sitting. Kick off those shoes and try these deskercises!

  1. Leg Ups: Be seated in a chair, keep your back straight and sit at 90 degrees. Raise your leg and foot parallel to the floor. Flex and point toes, repeat 5 times each side.
  2. Ankle Alphabet: Imagine you are writing each letter of the alphabet from A to Z using your foot. Repeat with lower case letters. This helps with strength and flexibility.
  3. Marble Pick Up: Drop a group of marbles, pens, or other small objects onto the floor. Take your shoes off and pick up each object and drop it into a pile. This helps strengthen and improve flexibility in the small muscles of the feet that we rarely work.
  4. Bottle Roll: Remove your shoes and roll your foot and arch back and forth on a frozen water bottle. This helps roll out tight muscles and the plantar fascia band. ‚Äč


Image from www.pexels.com

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