The APMA published a survey that verified what most of us already know: American's blame their lack of exercise on foot pain. Why is FAANT so busy? 72% of people surveyed said they do not exercise because foot pain prevents them from doing so! This finding, coupled with the staggering rate of obesity in the US, makes podiatrists all that more important in the fight against chronic disease!

The study surveyed 1,000 US adults, ages 18 and older, to gain public opinion on attitudes toward foot health and foot care. Results showed that Americans view their feet as the least important body part in terms of their health and well-being. However, feet were the number one body part to experience pain, even more so than the teeth or skin. As foot pain contributes to a variety of negative health consequences, it is important that Americans seek the care of a podiatrist immediately if problems arise.

 It is critical that people pay attention to their feet and seek expert treatment for foot problems. The podiatric foot and ankle surgeons at FAANT can not only help ensure Texans are able to exercise, but also help catch signs of diabetes, arthritis, and nerve and circulatory disorders, which can all be detected in the feet.

 If you or one of your family members is experiencing foot pain, contact us for an appointment. If you want more information about foot and ankle woes, request a copy of our FREE BOOK, "Got Feet?" or peruse the website. We are here to help you get back on your feet and on the way to a healthier you!

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weightlossdiet411 02/27/2011 09:03 PM
Foot pain is a difficult battle to overcome when you're trying to stay fit and keep your diabetes under control. With proper shoes and medical care, you can start a fitness program that is vital to your health.
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diabetic foot pain 04/30/2011 12:43 AM
Yeah, It's true first they don't have time and then foot pain was an excuse to them. I want to say here that in foot pain if you are exercising or even walking then it help a lot in your recovery.
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Sophia 05/10/2011 01:43 AM
I saw a website - shoe inserts , claiming the most shoe manufacturers don’t have high quality inserts in them, even if the shoe is very expensive, or one that suppose to be a comfort shoe. Is it true? Do I still need a better orthotic than what I have in my running shoes? Source:
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Dr Crane 05/10/2011 10:00 AM
Great question! Most running and walking shoes do have a cheap insert, but unless you have a specific foot problem (diabetes, high or low arches) the insert is usually adequate.
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foot cramps 06/12/2011 12:46 AM
What you can do if you have sore feet or legs is a yoga workout. There is no excuse for doing nothing.
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Foot Pain 09/09/2011 01:31 AM
Thanks for this blog.It is really an informative blog.I am looking forward for more blog from you guys.Keep it up.
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Foot exercises 12/01/2011 02:19 AM
I would say, all this happens because we don't take care of our foot like we care for our face..but its not right we need to think, our foot entire day does activities and that's obvious it needs some exercises and proper care.
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Total Hip Replacement Surgery 04/04/2012 03:09 AM
Its been great to come back here and get some worthy information to read! Would like to appreciate your efforts!
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