That big bump you see by your great toe joint that rubs on your shoes and makes walking difficult is called a bunion. 

A bunion is caused by a chronic instability within the foot and is usually has a genetic cause. The instability causes the bone behind the great toe joint to point inward and results in a prominent bump that rubs shoes and makes the great toe move outward, at times rubbing the second toe. It is most common in people with flat feet which increase the instability.  

If the pain is only mild conservative treatment can include padding, wider shoes and orthotics which can slow or stop the progression of the deformity. For more severe cases the only treatment is surgery to move the bones back to their original position. If severe, it is essential to get the toe realigned to prevent the development of painful arthritis of the great toe joint.  

Here at FAANT we will discuss all of your conservative and surgical options and together we can decide on the best way to get you pain free. 

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