Do you have a painful, or even infected, ingrown toenail? Have you had it for days, weeks, or even months? Have you become a pro at “bathroom surgery,” in which you try to remove the ingrown toenail yourself? If so, you may be introducing bacteria under the skin, which can lead to even more problems and painful infections!

You’ve probably thought about seeking professional help, so what are you waiting for? Are you afraid of what we may have to do to treat the ingrown toenail? If so, stop worrying—because we can assure you that the treatment we decide on will be much more effective and much less painful than your bathroom surgeries. The other good part of coming to see us is that we have a procedure we can do to prevent that ingrown toenail from ever coming back. 

Stop trying to treat it yourself, only to be faced with more pain and frustration. The doctors at Foot and Ankle Associates of North Texas are experienced in treating ingrown toenails. Let us help you get out of pain and on with your life. Click here for more information.