Why do drug stores sell orthotics if they don’t work? Because big money is involved! These inserts are designed for the "average person", but we know that there is no such thing as the average person. Every patient differs, requiring something unique. At Foot and Ankle Associates of North Texas, we treat every person individually. Functioning normally requires different treatment methods for every patient we see. In some cases, will make a mold of your foot in the neutral position, where you need to be functioning at your best. Using computers and the mold, we will make a model of your foot and create your custom orthotics using this model. The whole process takes several weeks, requiring great attention to detail by specialists. At Healthy Steps, we offer over-the-counter inserts that are a better option from what you find at the drug store! Call us today at 817-416-6155 to make an appointment, and we will prescribe an orthotic that works for you.

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