Do you have little bumps on your toes? Are your toes constantly hurting, no matter what shoes you’re wearing? Do you file those bumps off—even to the point of making yourself bleed? If so, you may have corns, and you may have hammertoes.

Crooked toes rub in shoes, and your body’s natural resistance to the constant rubbing is to build up dead skin. However, as that dead skin builds up, it starts to hurt. So what do most people do in this situation? They head to the drugstore and check out all of the products that can help them get rid of these painful bumps—even choosing acid patches to put on them. However, the problem with these patches is that they don’t know when to stop. In turn, you may develop infections in the already painful corns!

Before you resort to files, scalpels, razors, or acid, we urge you to visit a podiatrist in our office. Many good treatments for corns do not leave you in more pain that when you started. We have buffers, acid cremes, and shoe suggestions that may help, but you may also need surgery. So don’t go putting an acid Band-Aid on a crooked toe. Come into our office instead to experience an individualized—and possibly pain-free—option. Click here for more information. 

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