You have a spot on your foot that is changing or you have not seen before and you are concerned it could be more than just a mole. You are wondering how do I know if this is something I should be concerned about. Seeing a physician about a concerning skin lesion on your skin is a must, especially when you suspect a cancerous lesion like malignant melanoma. A melanoma is a lesion that begins from the pigment producing cells of your skin. Melanoma is a cancer of the skin that can appear as a red, pink or brown lesion. 

Melanomas usually occur on sun exposed surfaces but appear anywhere on the foot even under our toenails. History of sunburn, especially in fair skinned individuals can increase the risk factors.  

There are several signs of melanoma identified by “A,B,C,D and E’s”

  • A - asymmetry – normal moles should be round, melanoma’s often have abnormal or uneven shape.
  • B - border – irregular borders meaning jagged or blurred edges
  • C - Color - a mix of colors is noted within the lesion
  • D - Diameter – if the lesion is increasing in size, or greater than 6 mm or a little less than a quarter inch.
  • E - Evolution meaning the lesion that you have is changing over time which typically does not occur with normal moles.

It is important to get them treated early and aggressively because they can spread to other parts of the body and threaten your life. At FAANT we can obtain a small sample of suspicious skin lesions and get them evaluated quickly to help set your mind at ease. 

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