While kids truly are resilient, they get foot pain, too! While we see many kids in our office for warts or ingrown toenails, we also see some for biomechanically induced foot pain. 

If you have a two-year-old who is tripping and falling over his own feet, that may be normal. However, in many cases, children trip and fall because of significant in-toeing or flat feet. If you think your kid is walking funny, it’s not a bad thing! It’s oftentimes a reason to come into our office to make sure their feet are developing correctly. 

Another common ailment in kids is Sever’s disease, which is also referred to as Calcaneal Apophysitis. This happens in 8- to11-year-old children and is accompanied by heel pain. This is very common, but there are also other issues which may be causing your child’s pain.  

If you’re a parent concerned about your child, determine whether the pain is always in the same spot and whether it can be narrowed down to one location. If so, you need to bring them in to see an expert at Foot and Ankle Associates of North Texas for an evaluation. Click here for more information on children's foot issues.

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