You just started a new exercise program. Three weeks later, just as you are getting into a rhythm, you notice a pain in your foot. You probably have a stress fracture as a result of “Too Much, Too Soon, Too Fast Syndrome.” This can be a common occurrence for a wide range of individuals, from children all the way to the elderly and from walkers to marathon runners. Pushing through the pain is not a good idea! A stress fracture can become a through-and-through fracture that requires surgery if you don’t let it heal. Often, you can identify the spot of pain with just one finger. If you think you have a stress fracture, we can put you in a walking boot and have you back to normal in four to six weeks. If we have to perform surgery, it will take much longer. Just because you can walk on your injured foot doesn’t mean it’s not broken. So call us at 817-416-6155 to make an appointment, and nip your foot injury in the bud.

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